Lee M. Stevenson - Bio

An avid outdoor athlete, Lee loves the sensory stimulation of the mountains, forests and rivers. He is a mountaineer, endurance cyclist, kayaker and wilderness explorer, who is seldom without a camera or a sketch pad.  This environmental influence appears in many of his works: organic components (bark, rock, sand, leaves) and tones of earth, sky and water.  He translates Nature’s patterns, textures, rhythms and colors into many of his abstract works.  Lee does his own matting and framing, using reclaimed or recycled wood.  Most of his images are from his adventures and travels, which he enhances with various, unique artistic touches.

Although painting and organic sculpture is a second career for Lee, he was exposed to photography, art and artists at an early age, then took art classes for several years.  He chose a career in education ... teaching science, photography, oceanography, technology and media classes in the Beaverton Schools, as well as coaching several sports.

When he is not in Mother Nature’s Fitness Center, or his studio, Lee is often working on ‘Project Ponderosa’ -- an educational / environmental project he founded to help restore the majestic and valuable ponderosa pines to the upper Deschutes River ecosystem.  He also volunteers for COTA, MBSEF and the Forest Service.  He is a full time resident of Sunriver, OR with his wife, Marcia.

    Lee M. Stevenson: E: [email protected];  www.leestevensonart.com
    H: 541-593-1066; C: 541-604-4300  PMB: #203 Cottonwood Rd. Sunriver, OR 97707
    Studio:  21 Wallowa Loop, Sunriver ~ N: 43º 53' 797" W: 121º 24' 957"