Lee M. Stevenson - Artist, Photographer, Sculptor
  Acrylic Abstract;  Mixed Media / Photos;  Organic Sculpture

Exploration is in my genes, and my work.  The flow and movement of each piece seems to come from my experiences mountaineering, cycling, kayaking and forest restoration.  The colors are expressions from the locations I explore.  The textures emulate that of exposed sedimentary layers of earth or trees, and often include these organic components.  It is then morphed using non traditional materials and techniques into something much more abstract.  

My work captures its energy from the outdoor environment, then counters that energy with a calmness, that only the wilderness can summon.

My mixed media work includes images of places I have explored and activities I pursue.  I texture and paint a canvas that will become an extension of that image and / or enhance it.  I make my frames from reclaimed lumber.

Exploration, in my life and in my work, is about discovery: experiencing the unexpected and then creating what has never existed before.  Like nature, my work is constantly evolving, it is in this metamorphosis and evolution that I unearth and sustain my inspiration.

Currently, I am working on 2 themes: Cycling (Mixed  media & abstracts) Environmental Mixed Media.

    Lee M. Stevenson: E: [email protected];  www.leestevensonart.com
    H: 541-593-1066; C: 541-604-4300  PMB: #203 Cottonwood Rd. Sunriver, OR 97707
    Studio:  21 Wallowa Loop, Sunriver ~ N: 43º 53' 797" W: 121º 24' 957"